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Silvia Paracchini

We are studying the genetic basis of complex cognitive and behavioural phenotypes. In particular we focus on the biology of dyslexia, a specific impairment in learning to read which is caused in large part by genetic factors. We are also interested in cognitive traits related to dyslexia such as general reading and language abilities.

More recently we have become interested in handedness and in a complex link between dyslexia and laterality. We are using large scale screening involving genome-wide and functional genomics approaches to identify candidate genes or loci underlying these phenotypes. In parallel we are developing functional assays to understand the biological mechanisms that mediate genetic differences to phenotypic variation.


Recent news


Filippo represented the group at IBANGS 2019 in Edinburgh. He gave a short presentation on a symposium on laterality and cognition. This included the latest development of our projects with many collaborator around the world. Check out some of the action at #IBANGS2019.

Women in Science in Scotland

Silvia features in this new exhibition organised by the Royal Society of Edinburgh celebrating women in science. Here you can find a guide of the event. The exhibition launch coincided with an event featuring Silvia together with the current and former RSE Presidents,...

New preprint!

We are excited to share the largest ever meta-analysis for left-handedness prevalence. This work look at data from over 200 studies with more than 2 million participants. The study has been led by our collaborator Dr Marietta Papadatou-Pastou at the University of...

Welcome Judith!

We are excited to welcome Dr Judith Schmitz who join the group supported by a a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Judith will work on the handedness project.

New paper!

This month we are happy to share some of our latest work. A paper describing the expression pattern of the dyslexia candidate gene KIAA0319 in zebrafish has been published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology. This work has been led by Monika during her PhD. We...

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