International meeting, 28-29 April

The international meeting Silvia has been organising is taking place this week! In the beautiful setting of the Kavli International Centre at Chicheley Hall and funded by the Royal Society, the meeting will cover the broad field of laterality research, under the title “Laterality: from genes to behaviour”, will bring together world-experts studying laterality in many different disciplines (human genetics, cognitive/behavioural neuroscience, developmental biology, primatology, palaeontology, mathematics and philosophy. In addition to discuss the latest advances on this topic the aim of the conference is to provide a networking opportunity to develop cross-disciplinary ideas and collaborations.

Silvia is co-organising the meeting with Dr Christian Rutz (St Andrews University, School of Biology) who studies laterality behaviour in crows and, as Silvia, is a member of the Young Academy of Scotland.

Science Scotland

We are delighted our research has been covered in the latest issue of the Science Scotland magazine. You will find the article at pag 11. This month the magazine has the focus on the activities of some of the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) memebrs. You can also read about the Reasearch the Headline blog (pag 27) where YAS members discuss how science is reported in the media. Silvia is a regular contributor to the blog.