Neurogenetics Research Group

Silvia Paracchini

Royal Society University Research Fellow

We are studying the genetic basis of complex cognitive and behavioural phenotypes. In particular we focus on the biology of dyslexia, a specific impairment in learning to read which is caused in large part by genetic factors. We are also interested in cognitive traits related to dyslexia such as general reading and language abilities. More recently we have become interested in handedness and in a complex link between dyslexia and laterality. We are using large scale screening involving genome-wide and functional genomics approaches to identify candidate genes or loci underlying these phenotypes. In parallel we are developing functional assays to understand the biological mechanisms that mediate genetic differences to phenotypic variation.

Recent News

Join us: apply to this PhD project!!!

We have a fully funded (UK/EU rate) PhD project in statistical genetics. The project will study the role of brain asymmetries in language-related disorders by analysing large and complex datasets characterised with a large cognitive and behavioural data and for which genome-wide genetic data are available. To apply send a cover letter and CV to Silvia ( You can find the full advert here.

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