Silvia Paracchini Research Group

Dyslexia Genetics

Dyslexia is a specific impairment in learning to read and affects as many as 5% school age children. A significant genetic component is implicated in dyslexia development. Our work aimed at identifying genetic factors underlying dyslexia susceptibility using genome-wide associations studies (GWASs) for quantitative phenotypes. We work closely with clinical collaborators with lots of experience in assessing the phenotypic component of our cohorts. Among our main collaborators involved in sample collection are Prof John Stein in Oxford, Prof Joel Talcott in Aston and the Centre for Reading and Language in York directed by Prof Maggie Snowling.  Much of our work is conducted within large international multidisciplinary collaborations, such as the NeuroDys Consortium and our closer collaborators include Dr Dianne Newbury in Oxford and Dr Simon Fisher in Nijmegen.