Welcome Karolina! Thank you Europe

We welcome Karolina Dziewulska who joins the lab today. Karolina arrives from the University of Warsaw and will spend the summer with us as part of the ERASMUS programme. Karolina will work on the functional characterisation of dyslexia candidate genes. She will receive training in different lab techniques which will be useful for progressing in her career. Our lab will benefit from her contribution to our ongoing projects. A win-win situation for a Polish student, a UK research group and both their Institutions; thank you Europe.


Dr Rob Shore

Robert Shore is officially the first student from our lab to be awarded a PhD. Rob received his well-deserved PhD title during the graduation ceremony today. We are all very proud and wish Rob all the best at his next destination; a post-doc at Harvard.

Welcome Ece!

Ece Zini joins the lab arriving from Instanbul. Ece will stay with us for three months working mainly on our zebrafish project. We are very excited to have a new lab member and we wish Ece to enjoy her stay in our group and to have a great time in Scotland.