We welcome Miguel who join us in supporting high-throughput genomic analysis.

Miguel graduated in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Aveiro in 2002, and took a Master degree in the same University with the thesis entitled “Metabolic diseases screening system”.  Miguel was awarded in 2010 a PhD in the same University with the title “Computational system for the study and redesign genes”.  In 2009 I started working in Biocant at the sequencing facility department. There, Miguel developed several tasks in bioinformatics, in areas like metagenomics, trancriptomics, de novo sequencing, genotyping and phylogeny.

Miguel is interested is in the development of new algorithms and new strategies to analyze the genomic data as well as in computer clusters administration and in parallel computation.  In his current post Miguel will support the analysis of large scale functional-genomics projects, an area which is rapidly expanding in St Andrews.