This past week-end our PhD students Monika Gostic and Rebeca Diaz have been busy presenting their work at conferences.

Monika presented a poster at the Heart of

Europe: Zebrafish Meeting, which was held in Warsaw, Poland on September 17-19, 2014. The objective of this conference was to share the most recent knowledge and developments in zebrafish research.The main topics covered: behaviour; cancer and disease models; cell biology and cell migration; development and organogenesis; emerging technologies; husbandry and health; neurology; ‘omics and bioinformatics; toxicology and chemical screens. The conference was very useful to shape the direction of the project and establish new connections.

Rebeca presented a poster titled “The link between cilia, dyslexia and laterality” at the inaugural meeting of the Northern Cilia Club on 18th September 2014 at University of Sheffield. The meeting gave an overview of the research in cilia function that is currently being carried out in Scotland and the north of England. The Northern Cilia Club aims to provide a platform to discuss experimental approaches and new findings in cilia biology and to further our understanding of this fascinating organelle by sharing knowledge and expertise across universities.