Silvia will visit Japan and Hong Kong this month to coordinate new muultidisciplinary collaborations. During her visit she will give a series of talks.

On 2nd October she will be hosted by

Prof Koeda at the National Centre for Child Health and Development. She will then be in Sapporo discussing a new genetic project with Prof Ayumi Seki and will give a talk at Hokkaido University on the 6th October. This collaboration is supported by a Great Britain Sakakawa Foundation grant. The project will focus on the genetics of handendess and dyslexia in Japanese children incorporating neuroimaging data.

Silvia will then be in Hong Kong hosted by Prof. Cammie McBride and her team from the 7th October. Silvia and Cammie are working on a new project aimed at studying literacy and language development in bilingual (English/Cantonese) children. This project is supported by the Hong Kong Research Council and the Scottish Funding Council through a scheme supporting Scotland/Hong Kong partnerships. As part of the visit on the 10th October Silvia will take part to a day of public lectures. On the 9th October she will be hosted by Prof Brendan Weekes and the University of Hong Kong.

Follow her adventures in the Far East on Twitter @silParacchini

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