New Paper!

See our latest paper reviewing the Neuronal Migration Hypothesis for dyslexia out in the European Journal of Neuroscience

6th North Sea Laterality Meeting

The group attended the recent North Sea Laterality conference hosted by Abertay University in Dundee. Silvia gave an oral talk presenting for the first time to the public the the ePeg, a new device aimed at measuring handedness more accurately. We also presented a poster summarising Carlos’ dissertation. Exciting news: we will host the 2022 edition of the meeting in St Andrews.

Stephen Gethins’ visit to the lab

We are delighted to welcome our MP Stephen Gethins as part of the Royal Society Westminster Pairing Scheme. Silvia spent a week in London shadowing Stephen back in December (read more about it here) learning about how the Parliament works. Stephen visited our lab accompanied by Ian Hudghton MEP. We discussed our research program highlighting the importance of mobility and international collaborations. Yes, as you might have guessed Brexit was on the menu for the day….



New group members!

This week we welcome two new group members: Filippo Abbondanza from Italy and Carlos Castillo  from Colombia. Filippo has just started his PhD in statistical genetics, supported by the Royal Society. Carlos is a Master student in Applied Statistics and is doing his dissertations with us. These new additions are significantly improving our gender balance, but have increased the number of Italian speaking group members